An ordinary day – Dinner Delight

Continuing from An ordinary day – Breakfast and leaving home I need to show up at school pick up time with snacks. My son would be incredibly hungry and he can't  wait until we get home. I usually pack a home-made burger, a sandwich, or couple of granola bars. On Mondays, my son has gym classes.  When I am pick him up, his first questions … [Read more...]

An ordinary day – Breakfast and leaving home

Continuing from An ordinary day, Good Morning. After trying out different methods for years, with trial and error, I learned that best way to manage kid's menu is (a) offer two alternatives, prepare/cook what your child chooses or (b) offer two alternatives but sell them what you want them to eat in a sneaky way. In the worst case … [Read more...]

An ordinary day – Good Morning

From the narrow window of my blog, our life might seem pretty easy and relaxed since I mostly write how I manage to do multiple things, share practical ideas, and solutions around the life with children. If I come up with a good post, it means that, I had to  struggle and stumble and finally find a way to get through the emotional and physical … [Read more...]