Painting with marbles


  • Tempera paint
  • Old muffin pan to put the paints in
  • Trays
  • Marbles
  • Tea spoons

  1. Put the paints in each cup of the muffin pan.
  2. Put a marble for each color.
  3. Put your paint paper in the tray.
  4. Tell the children to take the marbles with cpoons and put them on the paper in the tray then let the marble run on the paper by inclining the tray to different sides.

As you can see kids have been picking the marbles with their hands and after a while this exercise turned into a fun game of fingerpainting.

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: Either make sure that children are old enough to know not to put the marbles in their mouth or keep a close eye on the marbles that they stay on the tray.

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Painting with marbles

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