Product Review: Nail buffing block

I assume, I am not the first person to come accross this great product. And if I am not, why the heck no one told me about it before?

This is the perfect nail care product for people who likes to do their own manicure at home, like me. I like my manicure short, round and I do not like to hassle with putting on and taking out nail polish – even though I have lots of nail polish at home.

I was approached by a sales person that reached to me from a kiosk in a shopping mall. I usually ignore and pass by them but this time this guy was really quick. As he was talking about the product, he was polishing my nails. Within 2 minutes my nails were shaped and shiny and he told me it would last for 2 weeks. Wow!

When I heard the price, my joy ride came to a screeching halt. $79?!?!  for a buffing block, a hand cream and a cuticle oil?!!? No, thank you.

But I really adored the buffing block. So as soon as I came home, I googled it and froogled it and found them for “$13 for 3″ on eBay.

It is really easy to use and the directions are written on the block as well. You use the blue side first, gray side second them the white side last to give that beautiful, natural shine. You have to press the white side really hard to polish and get that shine. It looks better than nail sheer nail polish.

The shine lasts for a week, not two weeks especially with all the hand washing as a mom of 2 kids. But nails grow and need to be reshaped in a week anyway.


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