10 tips to get most of your workouts


In addition to eating healthy, I wanted to share some of the important factors and tips I have learned to get the most out of your workouts. A question that I get a lot with exercising is what workout to do? This one, that one? My answer is, pick something that will keep you motivated to move at least 6 days for 30 minutes or more. I do … [Read more...]

Product Review: Portable Hide Away Bed Rail


Kids have been sleeping in their new bunk beds for a long time. My son is 6,5 and daughter is 4 years-old now. They occasionally wake up at night. Sometimes they come into our bed in the morning. In some cases, when they need to sleep in separate rooms, when one still wants to chat, we take one into our bedroom (until they fall asleep) and the … [Read more...]

Why is eating healthy so hard?


It is great to be raised in the Mediterranean region and yet sometimes it is not good completely either. I don’t think there is any other kitchen in the world that serves so many varieties of veggies and legumes. I feel really lucky in this sense. Western part of Turkey is source of good quality olive. Therefore, olive oil is staple of our cuisine. … [Read more...]

How my transformation began


THIS IS HOW EVERYTHING STARTED 2004: Before I got pregnant for my son, I was fit as far as my weight and measurements went. I was working out regularly. My pregnancy went really well. Despite being chocolateholic, I never touched sweets and/or chocolate during my pregnancy. (started 140 lbs. -63.5 kg) 2005: Giving birth in May is a wonderful … [Read more...]

The armchair’s flight, the end of the fight


We have one sofa and one armchair in our living room. This is our one and only armchair. The kids argue and even sometimes fight over who's going to sit on it. If they are in a good mood, they sit on it together. It is wide enough to fit them both comfortably. However, sometimes they get stubborn. Some days, I ignore them and wait out until they … [Read more...]

Boys’ shirts for space fans

I've shared the easy sew dresses that I've sewn for my daughter. Sewing for girls is fun, with lost of fabrics, patterns and accessories choices. Choices for boys are very limited. In any case, I sewed few pieces that my son would like. He chose his own fabrics. I chose the patterns. This fabric was cotton,  bright and colorful. I saved the … [Read more...]

Book holder for exercise equipment


Two of my daily goals are to workout and to read every day. Sometimes 24-day is not enough to squeeze these two tasks into. If I can get them both done, then I feel lie I've accomplished a major goal. If I run outside, then I listen to audio boos. If I workout with DVDs then I have to read another time. If I cannot workout another way, I get on my … [Read more...]