Easy wearable blanket for children

Easy wearable armless blanket My daughter grew out of her Cozy blanket with arms for children. I decided to use one of her existing blankets and turned it into a wearable blanket. It’s the easiest solution to keep the kids covered with their blankets at night.

1. Blanket big enough to cover your child
2. Ribbon
3. Bias (optional)

1. Measure and mark the armholes on the blanket for your child.
2. Cut armholes. You can use a t-shirt for the armhole length as a reference.
3. You can sew bias around the armhole, depending on the type of the fabric.
4. Cut and sew ribbon on the edges of the blanket to close-tie the blanket.

I was able to make this wearable blanket reusing the materials I had at home. Ribbon is from a gift package, I’ve saved.

It’s really easy to put it on her even when she’s a sleep. You can decorate the blanket and use it as a Prince/Princess or Superhero cape.

As seen on “Made by You Mondays” at Skip to my Lou.

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