Easy wearable blanket for children


My daughter grew out of her Cozy blanket with arms for children. I decided to use one of her existing blankets and turned it into a wearable blanket. It's the easiest solution to keep the kids covered with their blankets at night. Materials: 1. Blanket big enough to cover your child 2. Ribbon 3. Bias (optional) Directions: 1. Measure and … [Read more...]

Easy sew girls’ dresses


This week's posts will have a lot of photos. Today, I present you two dresses I sewed for my daughter. The fabrics are thin corduroy, 100% cotton. Loved the fabric patterns. Both were pretty simple. Simplicity It’s so easy 2306. Looks complicated but I finished it pretty quickly. McCall’s M6154: I did this one first, so it went a little bit … [Read more...]

Moving into new bunk beds


Last year during our trip to my parent's house, kids loved sleeping in the bunk beds that I and my brother used to sleep. Especially my son enjoyed the top bed. As my daughter got closer to outgrowing her crib, we started thinking about how to setup their rooms. Out house layout has 2 rooms on one floor and 2 rooms on the second floor. … [Read more...]