Practical Parenting in Real Life

IMG_9266cThis blog, like many other parenting blogs, is like a small stage of our real lives. Especially Practical Mama, not being a personal / diary blog, reflects very limited portion of the daily hustle. I share tips and tricks that I try and find helpful after so many trials and errors. That means there is a lot of trial and error going on behind the scenes, before the solution or the trick is set on stage. On top of that, what we put on stage is not always for the unselfish reasons. I admit, in many of my parenting decisions and actions I put my own interest first along with my children’s.

For the sake of being transparent, here is what’s actually going on behind the scenes while you watch the scene on stage.

Scene: Baby’s sleep routine is on spot.
On Stage: Routine is so important for the baby to fulfil its need of secourity and development.
Backstage: O!M!G! I have 2 hours to my own. What should I do? Take a bath? House chores? Reading blogs?

Scene: Baby is sleeping through the night.
On Stage: Sleep is very important for the baby’s growth hormones, brain development yada yada.
Backstage: 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep was a bliss. happy parents => happy children

Scene: We love Baby Einstein DVDs.
On Stage: My children are going to be geniuses. {sarcasm}
Backstage: Kids are sitting still for 15 minutes while I take a quick shower.

Scene: Siblings rock.
On Stage: They’ll be bff and support each other through their lives.
Backstage: Kids will keep each other entertained while I stretch my legs here for a minute.

Scene: Siblings rock.
On Stage: They’ll be bff and support each other through their lives.
Backstage: “-Mooom! I need help. -Ask your brother. Moom! Can you give me that? -Ask your sister. ”

Scene: My children are helping me with the housework.
On Stage: Maria Montessori would be so proud of me.
Backstage: If that 3 yo child on youtube can play a violin, mine would definitely fold their laundry and make their beds.

Scene: Kids are enjoying their pouring and transferring activity
On Stage: They are developing their gross motor skills.
Backstage: “You better clean up that spill, when you are all finished.”

Scene: My children can write.
On Stage: Did I tell you my kids are very smart?
Backstage: “- Grab a paper and pen. Write down: Oatmeal, rice, fruits. – What’s this? – Grocery list, dishwasher detergent. -????”

Scene: We taught our children our phone numbers at the age of three.
On Stage: You should have your kids memorize your phone number in case of emergencies.
Backstage: “- Can you call your dad and tell him to buy 2 lemons on the way home, please?”

Scene: I can have it all.
On Stage: I’m staying productive, creative, being a role model for my children, providing a better future for them.
Backstage: Weekend was a blast. I’ll rest on Monday.

Scene: We love to visit museums.
On Stage: My children are getting experiencing best of arts, science and history.
Backstage: We need to get out of the house. I gotta find the free museum day calendar.

Scene: Kids are in bed by 8:30pm.
On Stage: Earlier to the bed, the longer the sleep.
Backstage: Cheers! Enjoy the 2-hours of quiet and peace in the house.

What does you backstage look like?

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