Siblings share a bed

Once upon time,
Daddy was late.
It was upon mommy,
To put the kids to bed.

Once she put them
In their own rooms,
Kids started calling mommy
From opposite directions.

Tired of running in between rooms
mommy decided to tuck the little one in her big brother’s bed.
Kids thought it was a game first.
Then were surprised when lights were dead.

Giddy about the surprise change,
They laughed and giggled.
Then immediately fell asleep
Without a fuss, even a little

Since then the siblings shared the same bed.
Except when one’s sick.
Noone complained since then,
Mommy found this trick.

Sometimes when little one wants to chat
“shut up, I want to sleep” the boy bickers
Little siblings bedtime chat,
became new entertainment for the parents.

Some of you think
its easier said than done.
Believe me when I say,
Two is much easier than one.

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