Time management and planning tools for parents


Time management is very important for me. It doesn't mean I am super skilled in time management. On the contrary, I totally suck at it. One major flaw that I have is that I get easily distracted. I think about zillion unrelated things while I am trying to work on a task. I leave that task in the middle and move on to something else. Unless I … [Read more...]

Siblings share a bed

Once upon time, Daddy was late. It was upon mommy, To put the kids to bed. Once she put them In their own rooms, Kids started calling mommy From opposite directions. Tired of running in between rooms mommy decided to tuck the little one in her big brother's bed. Kids thought it was a game first. Then were surprised when lights were … [Read more...]

Separate room readiness test for children and parents


Our babies slept in their cribs, in our room, from the day they came from the hospital until they were 8 months-old (2,5 years apart). Around 8-months, after a test I'll call "separate room readiness test", we decided to move them into their own rooms for their and our sake. Actually, let me rephrase, we moved out of the room and found ourselves a … [Read more...]