How to sew apron for children

Children's Apron Kids have arts & craft aprons but they are short and have long sleeves. I wanted to sew them a water resistant apron where they could use for cooking and other messy stuff.
Children's Apron Materials

  • Tarpaulin fabric (oilcloth)
  • Velcro
  • Piping for the edges (bias tape)
  • Fabric for straps
  • Thread

Apron pattern

  • Take your child’s measurements: from upper chest to knee; neck and belly for straps or ties
  • Cut a pattern as shown above using the measurements. It’s easier to draw and cut when the paper is folded. First cut a rectangle. Then cut out the quarter circles, under the arms.

Children's Apron

  • Cut your fabric using the pattern.

Children's Apron

  • Sew the bias tape around it.

Children's Apron

  • Fold the strap fabrics on their right side. Sew them and pull inside out. Sew once again on the outer edge.
  • Sew the velcro pieces on the strap ends. Sew the oppositve velcro piece on the apron.

Children's apron

  • I made strap long enough to make a circle around them so that they can put on and fasten the velcro themselves.

Now they want chef hats. That means I’ll be working on chef hats soon.

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DIY apron for children

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