Chicago Kids and Kites Festival


Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalChicago Kids and Kites Festival is one of the biggest and the best kite festival in the Chicagoland area. Weather permitting, we try to go every year. This year the weather was a bit overcast but the wind was perfect. It looks very crowded but there is enough space for everyone.
Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalYou can usually get really nice kites for decent prices at the festival grounds. But you can prepare in advance and purchase your own kite and bring it along as well. We purchased ours from Chicago Kite booth at the festival grounds.

Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalThe festival includes a demonstration of huge fun kites that are attached to the ground. There is also a competition for pros with fancy looking kites. So a portion of the Montrose Harbor Field is closed to public for these activities.
Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalIf you are close to Montrose Harbor, definitely use public transportation or walk. When the weather is nice, this event attracts a lot of people and parking is a hassle, but not impossible.

Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalThere are lots of other fun stuff for kids at the festival. Clowns, face painting, kite making, coloring booths keep children busy if they aren’t into flying their own kites. If you don’t want to invest in a kite yet, your child can make their own kite, color it and fly it. They work and they are pretty sturdy.

Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalBecause there are so many people flying kite on the field, kites get tangled up with others once in a while. Some you can untangle and save, some you might need to cut off. It happens, don’t sweat it.

Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalWe brought picnic food with us to eat while flying our kites.  There are food vendors available if you get hungry. Nothing fancy and not too many.

Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalEven if you miss the official 10:00am to 4:00 pm festival hours, you can still take your kite with you and go to Montrose Harbor to fly your kite. It’s the perfect open field to fly kite, without electric wires and trees.

Montrose Harbor Kite FestivalYou can find more information on City of Chicago website about Chicago Kids and Kites Festival.


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