How to sew apron for children

DIY apron for children

Kids have arts & craft aprons but they are short and have long sleeves. I wanted to sew them a water resistant apron where they could use for cooking and other messy stuff. Materials Tarpaulin fabric (oilcloth) Velcro Piping for the edges (bias tape) Fabric for straps Thread Instructions Take your child's measurements: … [Read more...]

We have begun our descent


Mark April 23, 2010, as the date I weighed my heaviest. Supposedly, I was eating healthy with seafood and salad for in Sweden. With all the stress and not moving around, I have put on 6 lbs in 3 weeks. I weighed for 3 consecutive days. No change. I started working out. Adding the gardening and all the outdoor activities with kids, I've lost 5 of … [Read more...]

Chicago Kids and Kites Festival


Chicago Kids and Kites Festival is one of the biggest and the best kite festival in the Chicagoland area. Weather permitting, we try to go every year. This year the weather was a bit overcast but the wind was perfect. It looks very crowded but there is enough space for everyone. You can usually get really nice kites for decent prices at the … [Read more...]