Souvenir shelf for kids’ room

Souvenir Shelf for Kids
We painted and installed the souvenir shelf that I’ve mentioned in my Traveling with 2 kids – Part 4 post.

The shelf is a left over shelf from a past planned but never realized project. It’s one of those unfinished plain shelves from a craft store.
Souvenir shelf for kids
The paint is IKEA’s water based furniture paint. The furniture in kids’ room is white. My son put on 3 coats of white and he was done. No varnish needed.

I installed the shelf over the World Map, which I cannot move because of 3M’s “supposedly” removable, no-stain adhesive tacks. They come out with not only the wall paint but also the dry wall.

After this rant, here’s what’s on display on our Souvenir Shelf (from left to right):

  • John Hancock Tower (Chicago, IL),
  • Sears Tower (Willis Tower, Chicago, IL)
  • Homer Simpson
  • Big Ben (Gift from my cousin. We haven’t been to London yet)
  • Homer Simpson
  • Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

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