Cozy blanket with arms for children

Cosy blanket with arms My daughter is quite independent and can dress up and down by herself. Which is really good. Except when we find her stripped to her underwear, when we go to check upon her after she goes to sleep. it’s really hard to get her dressed when she’s a sleep. Not because she won’t fall back asleep if she wakes up, but she gets really upset if she wakes up and finds us putting her pajamas back on.

I thought the only viable solution was to make one of these blankets with arms (Snuggie or Slanket), which is very popular nowadays. You can use this not only at bed time but also out on the stroller.

I got my pattern from this website. I used the same fleece fabric I used to sew this pouch sling. The pattern calls for 60″ wide but for children you can use 45″ wide fabric as well.


  1. Measure your child’s length  from neck to toe, and from shoulder to wrist.
  2. Cut your fabric, adding about at least 9″-12″ to the length. You want the blanket to be longer and use the blanket longer as they grow.
  3. Fold the fabric in two and mark arm holes on the fabric. Cut the arm holes.
  4. Cut 2 rectangles from your fabric for arms based on the measurements you’ve taken.
  5. Finish the edges of the blanket.
  6. Finish the one shorter edge. Sew the longer sides of the rectangles to make tubes for the sleeves.
  7. Sew the sleeves to the holes you cut.

You can use the pattern to sew blankets for anyone in your household.



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