DIY – Bean bag chair for children

I got few to-do items completed while my mom’s here. Kid’s loved the giant bean bag chair at my husband’s aunt’s place in Vancouver. I decided to sew one each for them to rest, read books, play, whatever.

I got my instructions from Dorm Decor, “Bean” Bag Chair, Decor it Yourself. She uses a 12-inch pattern. I made a 15-inch pattern.

1. The video instructs you to cut a circle from cardboard box. You don’t need cardboard box.
2. You need a thread or a yarn and a pencil. Cut a 15-inch length from a yarn. Tie it to a pencil.

3. Get your paper. Fold it in half. Hold the loose end of the yarn in the middle and mark the circle. For better visual explanation click here.
4. Connect the circles with curved lines. Fold your paper in 4 to make sure all sides match up.
5. Cut your pattern and cut 2 pieces of the fabric and 2 pieces of lining. I used white muslin for lining and corduroy for outer fabric.
6. Match the top of the circles with the middle of the curves. Pin the fabrics and sew.

7. I sewed the lining, filled it with virgin beads and shredded foam. Then, I sewed it up.
8. I left an opening for a 19-inch heavy duty zipper on the outer corduroy cover. We wash it once in awhile.

As you see in the picture above, the kids loved them. However, they are having hard time figuring out how to properly use the bean bag chairs.



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