Luck, be a husband…

I read “Choosing my own’s” Jamie’s Love letter to her husband. I was thinking about writing something similar recently, because I think I am one of these lucky ladies. Knocking on wood, really, I think finding the perfect someone whom you can share life, love and kids is pure luck.

I feel like he’s a part of me. But not like I am totally dependent on someone, but in a way who I am today depends on him. He is such a good father and a husband, I couldn’t and wouldn’t keep my sane as a rookie sahm without him for sure. Some people might miss their time before marriage once in a while, I don’t. I can’t think of myself without him. As I can’t think of myself without my kids.

On the other hand, this luck, sometimes, very rarely, scares me. Like it might be jinxed or something. God forbid. Maybe it’s a woman thing. We always have to worry about even the good things.

I love you sweetie :x kiss kiss, love love

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