How did this happen?

Last weekend we went skiing up north. Everyone came back healthy, except for my swollen purple eye.

Since the extreme weather is over Chicago, I have decided to keep the kids at home. I haven’t even sent my son to preschool since Tuesday. Stayed at home and played in our newly decorated basement. Only my husband went to work.

And what happened? My son came down a terrible upper respiratory congestion and cough. My daughter suddenly came down with fever and later she also developed nasal congestion. I have no idea how this happened. I am not staying inside for more than 2-3 days again.

Two sick kids… ruined bedtime routine… sleepless nights because of coughing and fever… serious loss of appetite… It’ll take another week to get back into our regular routine and habits, once they get well.

There goes the saying: “I’m not really worried about the sickness. I am worried about my kid’s changing character.”


  1. Trannyhead says

    Ah … so much fun to have random diseases. It’s also nice when they recover from one and then pass it on and get another one. Good times.

    Hope everybody feels good soon!

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