Home-made sandpaper letters


I made the sandpaper letters from Montessori Method at home. I did these just to create some craft for myself, I guess. We were trying to get the basement finished. I remembered the instructions at the end of "Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years". I got an extra pack of fine sandpapers. First I traced the letters on the back of … [Read more...]

Cheap Cheap

I got hooked on craigslist.com, dollar and thrift stores. This happened because I saw on other mom blogs and homeschooling blogs, moms creating inspirational playrooms or classrooms , shopping from dollar and thrift stores. I got amazing deals for furniture and other stuff. I got these shelves for $10 each. … [Read more...]

Playing with colored water


My son loves this game / activity and can entertain himself literally for hours. All you need is food coloring. I got this 4 color, food coloring set at Target for $2. I gave him a dropper from one of the first aid kits we've got at home. I put water in few old baby food jars, then put a drop of color in each. I also gave him few empty ones. He … [Read more...]

Future of Chicago Public Schools

I started looking for job postings and thinking about updating my resume on job search sites. In two years, my son will be starting Kindergarten and my daughter Preschool. I feel like we will have to put them in a private school and instead of public school based on the most recent news. … [Read more...]

Loving to be a SAHM

I love to be a stay-at-home-mom on days like these. Take a music class... then run to the museum to enjoy free museum days... [Museum of Science and Industry has free admission until Jan 31] Especially now that my daughter is 13 months old and she can walk. So it is not a stay-at-home!!! situation really, but I enjoy these things. I enjoy my … [Read more...]

Last minute getaway

Two Fridays ago, a friend of mine called me to ask me why I haven't replied to her evite. Apparently, she used my e-mail address which I use only to register for memberships, and receive ads. As I was going through my inbox, which I have not checked for a month or so, I saw this newsletter from a ski resort. We've gone there years ago. Since I was … [Read more...]

How did this happen?

Last weekend we went skiing up north. Everyone came back healthy, except for my swollen purple eye. Since the extreme weather is over Chicago, I have decided to keep the kids at home. I haven't even sent my son to preschool since Tuesday. Stayed at home and played in our newly decorated basement. Only my husband went to work. And what … [Read more...]

Carrot Island

We all know growing a sprout from beans. This is also neat. You can grow your own carrot island.Cut the tip of the carrot that has already began to grow greens. Put it in a small plate, covering the root with wet cotton. Keep it moist. You don't see it here but there was also wet cotton on the sides of the carrot as well.Our island has been a part … [Read more...]