Souvenir shelf for kids’ room


We painted and installed the souvenir shelf that I've mentioned in my Traveling with 2 kids - Part 4 post. The shelf is a left over shelf from a past planned but never realized project. It's one of those unfinished plain shelves from a craft store. The paint is IKEA's water based furniture paint. The furniture in kids' room is white. My son … [Read more...]

Cozy blanket with arms for children

My daughter is quite independent and can dress up and down by herself. Which is really good. Except when we find her stripped to her underwear, when we go to check upon her after she goes to sleep. it's really hard to get her dressed when she's a sleep. Not because she won't fall back asleep if she wakes up, but she gets really upset if she wakes … [Read more...]

DIY – Bean bag chair for children


I got few to-do items completed while my mom's here. Kid's loved the giant bean bag chair at my husband's aunt's place in Vancouver. I decided to sew one each for them to rest, read books, play, whatever. I got my instructions from Dorm Decor, “Bean” Bag Chair, Decor it Yourself. She uses a 12-inch pattern. I made a 15-inch pattern. 1. The … [Read more...]

Halloween activity – Skeleton puzzle


This is one of the kids' favorite activities around Halloween. I was inspired by Chasing Cheerios‘s building skeleton post. I downloaded the printable skeleton from this address and printed them on cardstock. Then I laminated and cut them. The set has a visual guideline. I am planning to let my son play with it as a puzzle for a while. Then maybe I … [Read more...]

House rules poster for children


Lately, sharing and jealousy issues have drastically escalated between the siblings. Big brother has been less than cooperative and agreeable. As usual, I started thinking about proactive solutions or help them find their own solutions. Sibling rivalry, as I have accepted, is inevitable. My daughter is more interactive and she is trying to do … [Read more...]

Product Review: Responsibility Chart by Melissa & Doug


I got this "Magnetic Responsibility Chart" from a friend who hasn't been using it for a while. We hung it in my son's room as a continuation of the actions we've taken along with "House Rules Poster". It has magnets for every "desired behavior" such as helping with house chores and communicating to each other etc. You put the desired behaviors or … [Read more...]

Family Travel: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


We went to visit Milwaukee over the weekend. It is rather a short trip from Chicago. We usually drive to Wisconsin border to Gurnee Mills for shopping. After that, it's only another 30-minute drive. The weather was great and we all had great fun. Here is our itinerary for Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the weekend with 2 young kids. We started at … [Read more...]

Toys, games and activities Rolodex for kids


Kids' playroom is organized in a way where they can easily see and reach their toys and materials. Everything has a place. I rotate some of them in order to reduce disinterest due to ADD and stimulation overload. I decided to create a toy, game and activity Rolodex as a reference guide for them as well as myself, to refer to, when we scratch our … [Read more...]

How do I teach my child to blow their nose?


One of the biggest troubles with common cold is cleaning the runny noses of small children. I had shared some of the methods I use, in my Fighting colds post. In my opinion, one of the most important developmental milestone for children is to learn to blow their noses. Despite our doctor’s prediction saying they would only learn that at around 3 … [Read more...]