Menu Plan Monday – October 13


I can post my first weekly menu plan on my blog. Although I have been doing the planning for the last few weeks I couldn’t find time to blog.

Our menu is mostly Mediterranean dishes. I like to have a soup as starters in fall and winter, then dessert on some days. I still cook separate little dishes for Ela, but Burak is eating what we are having. That’s why I pay special attention that I cook lots of vegetables, legumes and balanced meat.

Monday: Red Lentil Soup, Stuffed Zucchini

Tuesday: Vegetable Stew, Bulghur Pilaf, Semolina Dessert

Wednesday: Sunchoke Soup – Vegetable Chicken au Gratin

Thursday: Leftovers – Pudding

Friday: Noodle soup with green lentils – Meatballs with vegetables

Saturday: Broiled Rainbow Trout – Pasta – Salad

Sunday: Eggplant with ground beef – Rice

You can find other menu planners’ menus on “Organizing Junkie” for the week of October 13.

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