Yippie Yay Thursday

I have no idea how I did it. I just poked around on the circuit board. Now the ride-on's buttons and the bubble maker is working. This is the only toy they enjoy together, right now. It's so nice (heartwarming) to see them playing together.Ela and I started the classes at Merry Music Makers yesterday. It's a part of Music Together program. I love … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

This Winnie Pooh Ride-on has been broken for sometime. The buttons don't work. The sound is off. I though I could fix it. So I opened it up, which was easy. Now I'm thinking.... what was I thinking?Red cable or the blue cable?What do you think?I think it already blew up. … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday – October 20

I am not sure if I'll be able to blog tomorrow. I will be recovering from a weekend-long yard sale that I hosted alone, by myself, only with all the junk in our house. In addition, I will be working towards my promotion to be a "soccer mom", instead of a plain stay-at-home-mom (rookie sahm, right?), by starting the Music Together classes in the … [Read more...]

First Yard Sale Ever

I hosted my very first Yard Sale. It was fun and it was a great success for me. It was tiring as well, since I did everything from arranging the items for sale, pricing, setting up shop and carrying them in and out. My husband took care of the kids while I attended the customers. Got rid of most of the junk, which was mostly my maternity clothes, … [Read more...]

"That’s me" Tuesday

Ay, ay ay...I am getting my daily life back on track. I was reading "Not me Monday" posts yesterday. Vow! If you believe in the "Secret" mentality, there is two options.a. Two negatives makes a positive i.e. rewriting your negative experiences with negative (not) turns things positive.b. "Secret" does not work, because after reading all that gloomy … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday – October 13

Finally...I can post my first weekly menu plan on my blog. Although I have been doing the planning for the last few weeks I couldn't find time to blog.Our menu is mostly Mediterranean dishes. I like to have a soup as starters in fall and winter, then dessert on some days. I still cook separate little dishes for Ela, but Burak is eating what we are … [Read more...]