Practical solutions and ideas with a pair of scissors

Caykutusu Easy grab hole/ window for teabags. If you are a tea fan, like I am, you know how hard it is to get teabags out of the stacked boxes in the kitchen cabinets. The boxes clutter, fall down, just drive you crazy.

I figured this trick actually from a Stash tea box. You just cut a half circle at the bottom. Then sort the tea boxes vertically, side by side. Some boxes already come perforated this way. But if doesn’t, you can do it yourself.

yapboz Easy puzzles You can create old magazines, newspapers photos to create customized puzzles. You can laminate them as well. You can pick any photo or picture, that your child likes.

yemektshirt Shirt-bib As your child grows, the traditional bibs are not big enough. At the top of that, kids just resist putting on traditional bibs, for some reason.

So my easy solution was to cut an old overall, with a wide neck, at the bottom and a little bit at the sides. I call this the meal-time shirt. It covers everywhere, including the lap.

Evyapimidizlikler Home-made knee pads from old socks

Hair cuts I am the hairdresser in our household. I use the scissors more than then the clippers. It is very convenient as men don’t need to drive to the hair salon every 3-4 weeks. I can cut any time of the day. We save money. And I like the 1-to-1 time with family members during haircut session.

More info on cutting hair at home:

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