Oral and dental care for infants and babies

Oral dental care for babies

Infants We started to wipe my son's mouth with a wet, clean gauze pad when he was 2-3 months old upon the advice of our pediatrician. As I wrote in my post about thrush, when my son had thrush, we also added baking soda to the water in which we soaked the gauze. We started using the same method as soon as my daughter was born. Benefits of … [Read more...]

Is it normal for an infant not to poop for days?


My son, was pooping - what was normal to me at the time - 3- times a day as an infant. So when my daughter didn't poop for a week when she was 2 weeks old, everyone in the family freaked out. We learned through this experience that breastfeeding babies could go without pooping as long as a week and not considered constipated. Surprisingly, this is … [Read more...]