Happy New Year

I was away from blogging for a while but I wanted to post a new year's message.I hope everyone a healthy, happy, peaceful new year with their families and loved ones.The Mom Song from Northland Video on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Teaching toddlers safety at home


In my previous posts I wrote about the precautions we must take as parents and child proofing, in order to protect our children against the dangers and any possible accidents at home. As our babies grow into toddling phase we can also teach them, within the scope of their physical and mental abilities, how to protect themselves against such … [Read more...]

Preschool scene

Recently there has been crying and fussing when I'm dropping my son off at his preschool in the mornings. It's been almost 3 months since he started and I wasn't expecting this. I thought we could be on a routine by now; get in, get out. No scene, no issues. But my day is always full of surprises. It's not my son who's fussing, it's my daughter. … [Read more...]


When I go out everyday to leave my son to preschool, I pass by a gas station. Today regular was $2.29. I think 3-4 miles up North it might be around $2.09. It's always very low north of the city. I remember, the days we used to pay $4.50 weren't that far past. It's nice to see the drop in gas prices, but I also see the big "going out of … [Read more...]

Handmade pouch sling

I did not know it was International Babywearing Week this week until I finished my first home-made pouch sling. I made this sling using the directions at Sleepingbaby website at home. I had used Evenflo Snugli Classic Soft Carrier, The Ultimate Baby Wrap and Evenflo Snugli By My Side Soft Carrier. All of them were usable but my biggest problem … [Read more...]

Home-made, Mom-made Halloween Costumes

It is way past Halloween, but I wanted to share the costumes of our little ones. I made my son's Spongebob Squarepants costume. I used one of my daughters's diaper boxes. I cut the head and arm holes and took the bottom part out. Then I wrapped around with yellow poster paper. Then I used my sons Spongebob t-shirt to trace its face on a white paper … [Read more...]