Nasal Congestion and Runny Nose Remedies for Babies

We are at the point of season change. Runny nose, nasal congestion, flu are common spread amongst children. We go the library, or during playtime, everyone’s nose is running and sneezing. Especially if you have children that are going to day care or school, this is non stoppable. The hardest is the babies. They can’t breathe, they don’t know how to blow their noses. Since there is no medication to stop the runny nose, it is really hard. I remember when my son was 6 months old when he had a flu shot, his nose started and continues until he was 1.

Especially, if you do not take care well, when you nurse your baby while he has runny nose, the fluid will get into middle ear and cause otitis, an infection of the middle ear.  We had this happen to my son for 3 times during his second 6-months.

There is no cure for flu or runny nose. Doctors don’t prescribe antibiotics until there is an ear infection. But there are few things you can do. This is to help your baby sleep more comfortably at night and so that you can get rid of the runny nose a little faster:

  1. At the beginning of the flu or cold, if your baby started on solid foods feed your baby chicken broth soup.  This is really helpful. The helpfulness of the enzymes in the chicken soup have been scientifically proven.
  2. If age appropriate, have your baby consume foods and drinks that contain vitamin C.
  3. Use Saline Solution for nasal congestion.
  4. Before going to bed at night, fill the bathroom with hot water steam and sit there with your baby. This will help relieve the nasal congestion and help him or her sleep better. (This steam room is my favorite, it is really helpful, our nights are much better)
  5. For little babies you might want to use Nosefrida to suck the fluid from baby’s nose. I discovered this tool last year. I bought one for my son and one for my daughter. I have to make sure they each have their own to prevent the viruses from playing nose hopping. Because my daughter is still too young and don’t know how to blow her nose, this is very ideal to use before nursing or after bath. The strength of the suction depends on your lung capacity. Don’t worry there is  a filter in there. Also since it does not go deep into the nostrils, like the other bulb syringes, it will not harm your baby’s nose. Some babies might not like this application but the results and its success is what matters at the end. Fall is back, we started using it again.
  6. Make sure to dry your baby’s hair well after bath and make sure you don’t go out after baths.
  7. Place a humidifier in her or his room at nights. During winters, due to heat, central heating systems dry the air in the room. This might cause their little noses to dry and since they sometimes sleep with their mouths open cause irritation in the mouth as well as sore throat.
  8. If your baby has a severe runny nose issue, I would recommend raising the mattress pad from under his or her head a little with a wedge instead of adding another pillow.
  9. I found Sudacare vapor plug pretty helpful. I make sure to have the humidifier plugged up not so near my son and that the room is not filled with strong scent when I close the door.  At one point during the night, I unplug it.
  10. We used to put Vicks vaporub on his chest and under his soles. Later I read different comments on this. I don’t know if the effect of the above product is different but I don’t use Vicks anymore.
  11. If the color of the mucus has a certain color like green and you hear wheezing from the chest, consult your doctor.
  12. Change the bed sheets and duvet covers often. Clean your baby’s nose with soft tissue. Wash everyone’s faces with water often. When sneezing, use your arm to cover your mouth. Aerate the house pretty often.

Important Note: OTC Baby Products for cold or flu have been removed from pharmacies voluntarily for babies under two. As per my dad’s recommendation (my dad is a doctor) we never used decongestant products containing Sudafed. We tried to get rid of my son’s congestion and runny nose using methods listed above. One of our happiest day was when my son was 1 and half and started blowing his nose by himself.  We were so happy as if our son had discovered another element.

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