A great quote to share

My daughter is still incubating and – thanks to my mom and husband – I am enjoying my time before the baby by reading more books. Here is a quote I wanted to note from the book I am reading now,  Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers, an addition to the Baby Whisperer books, which I highly recommend.

“You can, and should, be in charge, but you cannot control who your child is.”

I reinforces the notion that your baby, your child is another person from the moment that (s)he is born. We have to accept their own personality, get to know them and understand them accordingly. We have to put in extra effort to observe, listen to and talk to them. We have to be patient with them. It doesn’t matter whether our child is 2 months-old or 22 years-old. They are not extensions or different versions of us. They have their oqn unique personalities.

I hope to remember this while I raise my son, and my daughter who will joins us soon.

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