Breastfeeding 106 – Troubleshooting for nursing problems

Probably the most common breastfeeding problem would be the sore nipples, nipple pains and cracked or blistered nipples.  It would be helpful to read my post on “Tips for correct breastfeeding techniques” in order to prevent this from happening.  As a precaution and a remedy you should start using a lanolin cream during the last weeks of your pregnancy and immediately after birth. As soon as your baby arrives, start using it right away.  Lanolin is a natural cream and would not be harmful for your baby. You can use gel patches or shells before and after nursing your baby.  These gels help heal the sores faster.  There are various types of these patches from brands such as Gerber, Ameda and Medela.

Do not cause your nipples to dry out by washing them with soap.  Rinse them with pure water only. Moisturize them with cream. In order to avoid yeast infection(candida)/trush on your nipples or to heal it, you can wash your nipples with a solution of warm water and baking soda.

As one problem is not having enough milk, another is having too much where your breasts are engorged.  My humble recommendation is to use the stretchmark cream you used for your belly during pregnancy by applying on your breasts after birth.  Make sure it does not touch your nipples at all.  Engorged breasts might have stretch marks just like your belly after delivery.

You can also do cold or hot compress to relieve your breast pain with wet towel.  Hot water will help your milk come easier and cold water will slow it down. If before you nurse your baby, your breast gets really full and starts leaking and if your baby can’t really control the milk and gets choked, then make sure to express or pump milk a little bit before you nurse your baby. While you are nursing your baby, hold your baby at an angle, a little bit sitting up and hold your breast from under so that your baby can control the milk better.

One of the biggest problems is the clogging of the milk ducks. You have to be very careful about this.  If you do not receive treatment for this problem, then it might get inflamed  and you might have to stop nursing. You might even have to get an operation.

If you have some sort of a pain around your  breast, check to see if there is a lump. If there is a clog, you will have less milk. This is one of the symptoms of clogging of milk ducts.  Make sure to see a doctor or a nurse. You can use hot water and massage the lump to get rid of it.  At first stage, this will be easier.  It is okay to press on and massage the lump.

If the pain gets worse, and skin right above the lump on the breast gets red, definitely see a doctor. You might have mastitis. When you are nursing, this is not contagious for your baby but if you have to start taking antibiotics, then you will have to stop breastfeeding your baby. You might pump and dump the milk to keep the milk supply going.

When you get sick, when you have flu with fever, doctors and nurses will tell you that you can continue to breastfeed your baby. However, you have t o prevent the virus reach your baby through respiratory means.  I personally have used a mask in these situations.  The medication you take when you are sick is also very important.  In the United States, while you are nursing it is allowed to use acetaminophen but for any other medication you have to consult to your doctor.

Also your comments and experiences enrich these posts. Since this blog is more than my personal blog, it is a blog where experiences are shared and that all mothers‘ pregnancy,  baby care is different, sharing these experiences and comments makes everything better. I am thankful for all your comments.

While I am writing, I remember how much I miss nursing my baby and how I am looking forward to giving birth to my daughter. My son has grown.  He has passed his baby years.  As the last step after removing the baby bottles, there will be only potty training left.  If I can complete potty training, before I give birth to my son’s sister, I will feel much better.  He is a big boy now. He goes and grabs his milk bottle from the refrigerator and than gets a spoon from the drawer. If something needs to be heated, we do that.  When my baby girl is born, he is going to be a great brother.

In the last three days, my baby girl has grown tremendously. She is constantly reminding us that she is here.  Her kicks and turns are not just soft anymore, she makes me sit straight and sleep with support.  I have to take her seriously, I am 5 and a half months pregnant now.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. This article explains my experience for a specific situation with my child and is intended for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. For any medical issues, please consult your doctor or pediatrician first.

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