Breastfeeding 105 – Increasing mother’s milk supply

During the nursing period, there is a time when every mother wants to increase her milk supply. As I have written before the main ingredient of milk is water in our bodies.  You need double the water intake during nursing period.  Without cutting down on water intake, you can also supplement with other food and drinks that will help produce or increase the production of milk.

Since milk production in our body is based on the demand and supply rule, nursing your baby more will increase milk production, not decrease it. If you think your baby is fed enough, you might consider pumping the rest of your milk and storing it. This will also increase milk production.

Below are some foods and drinks I have triedd and  found to have helped increase my milk supply:

  •  Water
  • Rice pudding, pudding
  • Fruit compost
  • Cracked wheat rice / Cous cous
  • Walnut
  • Fennel tea
  • Teas with Fenugreek
  • Oatmeal
  • Foods with lots of onions

I’ve heard from somewhere and consumed licorice root tea. That day my baby did not drink my milk and was grumpy the whole day. I would recommend you to be careful about consuming things that might affect the taste of your milk.

Nurse your baby in a peaceful quite environment. I recommend you keep a glass of water next to you. Rest well, since you will have more milk when you are well rested. You will see that  after a nice long night sleep, you will have more milk.  So for this reason, during the day when your baby is a sleep, try to rest as much as you can.  Do not stress out about nursing your baby. If you get  stressed you will have less milk.

I would appreciate if you’ve tried of any other foods, drinks or herbal recipes which will not hurt the mother or the baby’s health and share it in the comments section.

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