Could you scratch my back, please?

Have you ever thought that your baby might need his/her back scratched as well?

I am not going to write that “according to this or that professor’s research” they itch a lot. I don’t have any scientific research or information in hand but my back always itches and I love to have my back scratched. I literally purr when my husband scratches my back. This is one of the main conjugal duties of my husband.

So, we scratch my son’s back from time to time thinking, what if he is just like his mom. What if his back is itching?

Since my son started walking, we have been massaging his feet. He did not enjoy this massage, when he was an infant. His physical therapist advised that when babies first start walking, their soles are very very sensitive, so we should massage the soles of the feet to to relieve the sensitiveness. She also advised us to let him walk barefoot (no socks) on sand or on the carpet to help desensitize the nerves under the feet.

Edit: My daughter loves to have her back scratched at bedtime. Whenever, she has hard time to fall asleep and starts making up excuses, I lay next to her for few minutes, scratch her back and she falls a sleep in minutes. 

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