Power windows in cars pose danger for children

Apparently many kids are victims of strangulation or asphyxiation after their necks were caught by power windows. According to the families, these accidents happened in a milisecond when they weren’t paying attention to their kids who were playing in the car or trying to get out of the car through the window.

See the difference in the two different models of power window switches in the pictures? If you are considering to buy a car, you should look for embedded switches as shown on the right side. That way the children cannot push the switches with their hands or step on them with their feet or knees.

Which power-window switches are safer?

In any case, do not leave you children alone, by themselves in the car.

I really like Consumer Reports magazine for baby and child product reviews, recalls, and child safety. Babies & Kids section is full of helpful information. From cribs to strollers, toys to car seats, they test many products and rank them. We try to read Consumer Reports reviews before purchasing anything. This is the only magazine we have been subscribed to over the years.


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