Magnetic toys: Potential hazard for children

A news article I’ve read today, prompted me to write another post under “Safety” subject.

This time the hazard is the magnetic toys. The consumer product safety commission recalled all Magnetix magnetic toys after being notified of more than 30 incidents involving small magnets, one of which was the death of a toddler. The magnets, when swallowed cause intestinal perforations and blockage.

This is only one of the toys or household items that includes magnets. I’m sure many of you have fridge magnets as souvenirs or magnet letters for the kids to play. After these news, we put away everything that contained magnets.

Even if the item might seem big to be swallowed, those little curious fingers are very capable of taking pieces apart and putting them in mouth, nose and ears. The children, mentioned in the news article, who have been injured with the magnetic toys are between ages of 3 and 8. That means, some kids, whose parents might think, are mature enough to safely play with these kind of toys, can still make a mistake.

These are the articles about the recall of magnetic toys.
2.4 million more dangerous toys recalled
4 million more Magnetix building sets recalled
Toy firm hit with big fine

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