Avoid unforeseen! accidents by taking simple safety measures

My husband is the chief of homeland security and safety in our household. He sets up and maintains the babyproofing, and anything related to the safety within and outside the house. He checks on me quite a bit as well because to be honest, sometimes mommy brain takes over and you never know what kids are up to when mommy brain is in charge.

The goal is to prevent accidents, that you think wouldn’t happen to us, i.e. be prepared for Murphy. Here are some basics, even before your baby starts moving around.

  • Put away any extending electrical cords, wrap and cover them so that babies cannot pull on them. Especially TV, speaker, lamp. computer cords should be away from children’s reach.
  • Put away or better yet give away your paper shredders. One of the common household accidents with children, unfortunately are with paper shredders.
  • Put away all the medicine and cleaning supplies up above, where children cannot reach and lock them away. They should be above children’s reach, even though you might have a lock on the cabinet. It just takes few seconds for babies to get a hand on dangerous chemicals, while you are looking the other way. Put empty containers and fun stuff in the lower level cabinets for them to play instead.
  • We were advised by the police who checked on our car seat, not to use the rear view baby mirrors or any other attached or velcroed toy, camera etc across from baby’s face. He said, in case of an impact, the mirror would become loose and ricochet to baby’s face.
  • If you have blind or shade cords, always tie them up to a proper cord attachment. You can also search for blind cord wind-up attachments as well. The safest way, is to go cordless, which is pricier. Piece of mind might worth few more bucks.

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