Product Review: Supplemental Nursing System

We might insist on doing things a certain way with the passion of wanting to be “super mothers” during the first days of motherhood. I am guilty of this crime as well.

Despite the fact that I started breastfeeding and my colostrum came immediately after I gave birth, my son started losing weight rapidly in the next few days. My doctor and nurses recommended supplemental formula. I refused it since I had already made up my mind. On the second day, the day when we were leaving the hospital, weight loss surpassed 10%; my doctor had a serious talk with me.

I was afraid that my son would prefer formula over breastmilk or bottle over nipple so I was adamant. However, this product they had recommended helped me change my mind. With this product, I fed my son with supplemental formula along with breastfeeding and without using a bottle for 3-4 days, once a day until he surpassed his birth weight.

The name of the product is “Supplemental Nursing (Nutrition) System“. The best part of this product is that it removes the fear that your baby might  go through nipple confusion when fed with a bottle. In addition, since your breasts are receiving the necessary stimulation, milk production keeps on increasing. You don’t feel so guilty having a bottle interfere with the bonding between you and your baby. You also won’t feel so guilty about insisting on breastfeeding and breastfeeding only, and put your baby’s health in danger. Everyone is happy.

This tool is made up of a small tube connected to a syringe. For hygiene, formula and the syringe are for one-time use only. You discard the unused portion of the formula. You will fill the syringe you will attach it to your bra and you will tape it on to the nipple, little higher than your nipple. Then just like regular breastfeeding, you will open the end of the tube, the baby formula will start flowing.

Keep in mind, should you happen to have the same problem, this product is available at hospitals. Please ask for it from your doctors and your nurses.

Medela SNS-Supplemental Nursing (Nutrition) System
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