Comparison of books on baby sleep and daily routine

This is the last article I am writing in regards to getting babies used to training babies to sleep on their own and harmoniously. As stated very well in some of the comments, I wanted to help not only the babies with sleeping problems but also the adults who have a problem being able to put their baby a sleep.

I think the main reason why some methods used to help babies sleep themselves, are called “the cry out method”  has a lot to do with a bias.

If you review bloggers and parenting forums, you will find:

  • Moms that say “My baby still does not sleep on his own.” and worry that they’ll have to let their baby cry out to sleep.
  • Moms that say “I will do anything but cry my baby out to sleep”.
  • And moms that try to voice that there are practical ways to help babies learn to fall asleep by themselves without having to let them cry out to sleep.

It is not as hard or impossible as you think. Don’t be afraid that you’ll have to make your baby cry. There are so many methods of putting babies to sleep without making them cry.  I hope you can understand through my posts on this website that, you don’t have to make your baby suffer to this. I am not tyrant neither those mothers who have trained their babies to fall asleep normally are ruthless and make their babies cry on purpose.

There are some links below with comparisons of the books  written to guide parents on training their babies to fall asleep on their own. Read them in detail to find out the best method for your baby and your family.  If you are satisfied with it, start implementing it the next day

Be consistent, be patient. You will see the results and benefits faster than you think.

If you can leave your experience in the comments as well, we can compare different methods and make use of them.

Everyone, sleep tight, sweet dreams…

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