How lactation consultants help breastfeeding mothers

After the birth of your baby, while you are still in the hospital, one thing I would definitely suggest you, is to consult “Lactation Consultants”. If you have a natural birth, you will stay at the hospital for two days. If you have a C-section, you will stay for four days. During this time at least once, better twice, talk to these … [Read more...]

Product Review: Supplemental Nursing System


We might insist on doing things a certain way with the passion of wanting to be "super mothers" during the first days of motherhood. I am guilty of this crime as well. Despite the fact that I started breastfeeding and my colostrum came immediately after I gave birth, my son started losing weight rapidly in the next few days. My doctor and nurses … [Read more...]

Book Review: The happiest baby on the block

I read so many books on baby sleep and daily routine that I really appreciated Chicago Public Library had the VHS version of Happiest baby on the block. It was two hours of crash course on the 5 essential methods to comfort the baby and help him/her to fall asleep. The 5 “S” explained in the video are: • Swaddling  • Side/stomach … [Read more...]

Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg – Part III


SLEEPING CEREMONY Let’s talk about how my son fell asleep. We always regarded this as "a ceremony or ritual". All books talk about this as a ritual without exception. A ritual with same activities so that the baby knows what is coming.  At the beginning, I calmed him down for a while, since my son was a "spirited" type.  We could never once … [Read more...]

Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg – Part II


EATING Eating is an important part of the whole daily routine as sleep that includes (mother's) milk at first and then solid foods. I knew, just like a vicious cycle,  if my son did not eat enough, that he was going to be hungry again in less than 3 hours, therefore wake up in the middle of his nap/sleep because he is hungry.  I had shared with … [Read more...]

Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg – Part I

COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR BABY BW starts by reminding parents that the baby, even not very interactive for first few months, is not a part of you, not a mini-you or a material object but is a completely different person of his/her own. One might ask, "yeah, of course! what kind of an ignorant statement is this?". However especially during those … [Read more...]

Baby’s Sleep Routine – III

CRYING BABIES As a new mom, initially, it's hard to accept that babies do cry. That is the only way for them to express their needs as a newborn. They cannot use mimics or words for milk or a diapers change.  When they are comfortable, they look around quietly and peacefully and cry when they need something. (Grandmas, mothers, aunties or … [Read more...]