Sleeping like a baby

I am going to write a series about sleeping habits for babies – and their parents – of course.

Once you become parents, some of the main issues you mainly deal with are feeding the baby/appetite as well as sleeping habits.  There is a saying “Sleeping like a baby”. Many parents and I, we ask ourselves who came up with this unrealistic saying.

But first I would like to hear about other mother’s experiences. I would appreciate if you fill out the survey below and share with us when your baby started falling asleep on his/her own.  I can define falling asleep on his/her own as sleeping  may be with the aid of relaxation methods, without sleeping together with the baby, without swinging the baby in any way or by taking the baby out for a walk and having him fall a sleep on stroller, just placing the baby in his or her crib and letting him sleep on his/her own. Baby might have gotten used to falling a sleep with the aid of relaxing music, a plush toy or relaxing sounds.

I have to add, that this question does not have just one correct answer. Parents with multiple babies/kids, may provide multiple answers. If your baby is still too little and hasn’t learned to fall asleep on his/her own, please do not answer this question. I hope that the series you will be reading will be useful.

When did you child learn to fall a sleep by him/herself?

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