Practical inventions for babies and children

These are the inventions, that made me say “Darn! I should have though of these!”

Onesie extenders: This is my fave. Very simple, very practical and extremely useful. Kids grow in length and I bough these onesies, that were high quality cotton. After a while the drier would shrunk all of them. If I had these, I could have spared at least a $100 on onesies. If I had thought of these myself, I could have made more.





Wee blockers: I used folder paper towel or little drying pad instead of these bhese baby boy sprinkle protectors. Still a great idea.





Baby bottle warmer for cars: I don’t even remember how many times I used my Dex bottle warmer,  in cold winter days in Chicago.





Giggle Bug child locator:  I purchased this after my son decided to play hide and seek in the department store and gave me a heart attack.





Hands free bottle extender: Bottle age is way behind us but this is a very practical idea.







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