Evidence that reveal you are a new mother

The time flies by. It’s already February and I wish, I can just slow down the time.

Time seems to go faster after being a mom. You wake up, then suddenly it’s night. You go to bed, then it’s morning. Sometimes an angel stops by to help you for few minutes to give you a break, time seems to slow down a bit. Or you go to work, or have a night out with friends. You get refreshed, recharged.

There are few things though, that reveal the motherhood is stuck on you. It is in your pores, cells and heart. Here are the top 10 evidence that you are a new mother:

  1. Non-resolving stains on your shirts’ shoulders.
  2. Your proud milk sources and accompanying leak.
  3. Constantly murmuring nursery rhymes.
  4. Going out for shopping for yourself and coming back only with baby items.
  5. Subtly bringing the the conversation to the color of your baby’s poop or snot.
  6. Paying more attention to other and newer stroller models, than shop windows.
  7. Having your baby’s photos on your phone, key chain and all available electronic devices.
  8. Starting to talk about your baby’s new skill or talent in the middle of a serious business meeting.
  9. Sharing a warm smile/look with parent’s whose children are crying in a plane, waiting room or a restaurant, as if saying, we are on the same boat buddy, I totally feel you.
  10. You go out to get some air that you desperately need, then you hurry back because you’ve missed your baby like crazy.

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