Baby’s Sleep Routine – II

SECRET WORD: DAILY ROUTINE Babies do need a certain routine. In their new home, they need safety, objects and sounds they are familiar with utmost. Changes excite them but if  they would know what is going to happen, what is going to come by with their parents' signs, they would be less uncomfortable and can move from feeding to play and from … [Read more...]

Baby’s Sleep Routine – I

I have compiled the information I am about to share with you through my personal observations, experiences as well as the books and articles I have read on the subject. Though some of the information contains general facts, technical information, it might also reflect my own thoughts and beliefs. Every baby is different. Some babies might be … [Read more...]

Sleeping like a baby

I am going to write a series about sleeping habits for babies - and their parents - of course. Once you become parents, some of the main issues you mainly deal with are feeding the baby/appetite as well as sleeping habits.  There is a saying "Sleeping like a baby". Many parents and I, we ask ourselves who came up with this unrealistic … [Read more...]

Practical inventions for babies and children


These are the inventions, that made me say "Darn! I should have though of these!" Onesie extenders: This is my fave. Very simple, very practical and extremely useful. Kids grow in length and I bough these onesies, that were high quality cotton. After a while the drier would shrunk all of them. If I had these, I could have spared at least a $100 … [Read more...]

How to find, interview and hire a nanny

how to find a nanny

Step 1: Where to find the candidates: From local parents’ group forums. Sometimes people will suggest babysitters they have previously worked with. e.g. in Chicago Craigslist: I found our nanny on Craigslist. You still end up going through the same interview process, checking the references etc. Nanny/Babysitter search … [Read more...]

Evidence that reveal you are a new mother

The time flies by. It's already February and I wish, I can just slow down the time. Time seems to go faster after being a mom. You wake up, then suddenly it's night. You go to bed, then it's morning. Sometimes an angel stops by to help you for few minutes to give you a break, time seems to slow down a bit. Or you go to work, or have a night out … [Read more...]