Protect yourself and others from contagious viruses

Every year, the contagious viruses get more vicious and persistent.  Once it’s through the door, it doesn’t get out until it knocks down the last person in the household. Today’s flu is not your mom’s flu either. It’s monster truck flu.

There are few practical tips to protect yourself and others from spreading around their viruses and germs:

  1. Sneeze into the crook of your arm, instead of palm.
  2. Wash hands (and face), first thing after entering the house.
  3. Take off outside clothes and change into inside clothes at home.
  4. Take off clothing immediately entering the house after a visit to doctor’s or pediatricians office. Take a shower if possible.
  5. After using public transportation, wash or sanitize hands. 
  6. Use paper towel to dry hands at gatherings and events during flu season.
  7. Ask your children’s teacher to teach the kids use the crook of their arm, instead of pal when sneezing and to wash hands frequently.
  8. Remind your children not to share food, drink, cutlery, water bottle etc. with their friends.
  9. Stay far away from sneezing people. Do not shake hands, or worse hug or kiss.
  10. Avoid touching your face.

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