Product Review: Canvas Closet Organizer Shelves

I have been using these canvas organizer shelves since my son was born. They are very practical and handy if:

  • You live in a small condo/house with limited storage space and need to store baby’s clothing as organized and categorized as possible.
  • You have a lot of items, such as socks and sweaters that you use every day, but do not want to purchase bulky drawer chests.
  • You have guest coming over to stay for longer periods of time and you need to open up drawer space.

I purchased these during my pregnancy.  My son’s crib was in our small bedroom. There was no way, we could fit another drawer chest for his clothing. So I put 2 of these in out closet. Organized his onesies, short sleeve bodies, long sleeve bodies, pants, overalls, socks etc. in each shelf. It was very easy to put in and pull out. No digging or rummaging through as with drawers. Everything is visible.

What’s more, at night, during diaper change, you don’t need to pull a drawer and dig in if you need a new body, pants or socks. You just grab one from a shelf in the dark, literally eyes closed, because in a week you know what is on which shelf by heart.

I also put his blankets, towels and other needs on these shelves.

The canvas shelves, I got had cedar planks inserted, so they smelled fresh. There are many canvas storage products out there from shoe organizers to jewelry and accessory organizers.

Edit 2012: I still use these shelves to this day, for kids’ t-shirts, sweaters, sweat pants, skirts and shorts. It helps them to easily change by themselves, since they can see  what’s in there. When filled neatly, kids can see each and every single shirt, short and sweater and don’t have to call you for that one specific clothing, they really, really need to wear. I don’t have to worry about fingers pinched in drawers or big wardrobes falling over. It is also easy for them to put their clothing back on the shelves – of course, only when we ask them to clean up.

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