Disposable Mattress Pad as Baby Changing Pad

Wherever you change your baby’s diaper, at a changing table, on the crib mattress, on the bed, on the carpet, it just gets messy and dirty. Especially, with boys, who tend to squirt as soon as you open their diapers. In these cases plastic changing pads or fabric protectors aren’t very practical either.

I started using the “disposable bed protectors” or “disposable bed mats” I brought from the hospital after the delivery. You can find them in the health & personal care section of your grocery, pharmacy or retail stores. We had a senior living community right accross the street and I was able to find them in bulk from the pharmacy under the building.

  • If the mat doesn’t get dirty, you can use it up to 10 days. Then the fluffy part starts to come apart.
  • You just dispose it if it gets dirty.
  • It is absorbent and leak-proof.
  • It is larger than most plastic changing mats.
  • It takes up less space in diaper bags than plastic equivalents.
  • I think it’s more hygienic than using a plastic mat, especially in public toilets, nursing rooms etc.
  • I also used it under my own bed after the delivery, as well as my son’s bed for the first few months to protect the mattresses.



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