Disposable Mattress Pad as Baby Changing Pad


Wherever you change your baby's diaper, at a changing table, on the crib mattress, on the bed, on the carpet, it just gets messy and dirty. Especially, with boys, who tend to squirt as soon as you open their diapers. In these cases plastic changing pads or fabric protectors aren't very practical either. I started using the "disposable bed … [Read more...]

My experience with epidural

I am writing this post to share my experience with you. These are the things "I wish I had known before my delivery". But obviously, you don't know what you don't know. My labor started when my water broke. However, contractions never came. So hours later, they administered pitocin to start to contractions. After a while, pain started to … [Read more...]

Product Review: Canvas Closet Organizer Shelves


I have been using these canvas organizer shelves since my son was born. They are very practical and handy if: You live in a small condo/house with limited storage space and need to store baby's clothing as organized and categorized as possible. You have a lot of items, such as socks and sweaters that you use every day, but do not want to … [Read more...]

Cardboard Box Puppet Theater


I have been getting weekly messages from babycenter.com, since I was expecting my son.  In the last message of 2006, "the New Year's Message" they were wishing all the moms to "be the best mom you can be.”  What a nice new year's wish! That wish required 3 actions: Be patient Spend more time with your kid (s) Be a creative mom who addresses … [Read more...]