…. is a license (education) not required to have and raise a child for a mother and father, even though a license is required to drive or to get married?

….care all kinds of adult education classes, such as sewing or make up courses easier to find and more popular than child care classes?

….do public schools and colleges not offered courses or classes on communication with children and adolescents for parents, in addition to the foreign language classes?

….are free child care or classes on bringing up a child not available at public schools, colleges or hospitals?

….do the family members and neighbors start asking when we are having a child, as soon as we are married?

….do the family members and neighbors start asking when we are having our second child, as soon as we give birth to our first? Does anyone know when these people will be satisfied?

…. are our neighbors even people walking on the street are always so eager to tell us how we should be taking care of our baby as if they can do a better job than us?

… do the people who have been encouraging us to have children, start warning us for the doomsday by reminding us to “make sure to sleep well and rest for the next seven months because you will need it once the baby is born” as soon as they hear the news of pregnancy?

…do we behave like we have lost our memory once we become parents and act like we have never been a child or adolescent before?

…. do some people have no tolerance towards babies and children as if they were born into this world in their twenties?

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