Product Review: Nursing Covers

I am a big advocate of breastfeeding your baby whenever (s)he wants and wherever you are. To me, being able to breastfeed outside of home was so much easier than finding water at room temperature and mixing it with formula, heating the cold-stored breast milk or looking for a secluded place to breastfeed.

Nursing blankets (or nursing covers) were great products not only to provide privacy during breastfeeding, but also to keep my son’s attention on feeding, instead of looking around to see what’s going on and forget that he’s hungry. Obviously he tried to open the blanket when he heard interesting noises, but nonetheless, this product helped me nurse my son everywhere from malls to restaurants, from parks, to planes.

My nursing cover was plain black. So I also used it to cover his stroller while he was a sleep. I even used it to make a make-shift tent on the baby bassinet on the plane, to prevent the light from the TV screen above the bassinet disturb my son.

Product in the picture: The First Years Nursing Privacy Wrap


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