Product Review: Crib Tent

We bought this canopy when our baby started standing up and figured out that he could actually bounce on the crib mattress.


  1. It prevents the baby from climbing out or jumping out of the crib.
  2. It prevents the baby from reaching out to the drawer on which we had to place the CD-player and the speakers and fall down.
  3. It helps keep the baby warm. I cover a part of the tent with a blanket when the room is cold.
  4. Because the bottom of the shade goes under the pad and over the side bars of the crib, we left the bumpers on the top of it. It helps protects baby’s head in case he/she moves his/her head backwards rapidly and hurt himself/herself.
  5. It helps prevent the baby from trying to reach out and get his/her arms trapped in between the railings of the baby crib.


  1. The crib tent is closed with zippers. If you want to cover the baby, turn the baby over or reach out to the baby for some reason while he/she is asleep, the abrupt sound of unzipping might wake the baby out of his/her sweet dreams.
  2. We read in other users’ comments that some rascals were able to tear the canopy with their little fingers or unzip it somehow. Since we started using the tent when mys son was little (before he got wiser)  he was used to it and did not really try to break out. Zipping the tent was like a signal for him to sleep. When I zipped up the tent, he would turn his back and fall asleep holding on to his teddy bear.

Website for the canopy: Tots in Mind

Important Update: Crib tents are recalled by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission due to Due to Strangulation and Entrapment Hazard and no longer on the market.

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