How to quickly fold a shirt – Video

Japanese did it again. As a messy person, who likes to fold my shirt like they do in the stores, I found this video very handy. I needed to watch this 4-5 times before I got it right. Here is how you do it:

  1. Lay the t-shirt flat in front of you, back side down and its neck looking right.
  2. Pinch hold the side that is farther from you in the middle with your left hand and by the neck with your right hand.
  3. Your left hand stable, pick the neck with your right hand and bring it all the way down over your left hand and hold.
  4. Pull the point you are holding with your left hand out, lift the shirt up and lay it flat in front of you again without letting the two points you are holding go.
  5. Finally bring the two points you are holding back over the arm that is sticking out.

When I fold the t-shirts and sweaters like this, I avoid having that annoying crease which goes right down the middle of the torso. If I fold everything like this right out of the dryer and stack them in the closet shelves, they look like they are ironed. For a person, who despises ironing, this method is a lifesaver.


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