First words in pictures

This poster of first words in pictures is prepared by our nanny who takes care of my son. We talk in Spanish at home per my request. I get to practice and my son learns Spanish.

I am sure you know about the books on first words. Books with large prints, vibrant colors,  pictures accompanied by letters next to them. Ana, our beloved nanny, collected the pictures we liked from baby and child magazines, cut and pasted them on a big poster paper.  Then she printed descriptive words to put next to the pictures in Spanish.  It was my first encounter with rubber cement which Ana used.  This material is used to prevent the ears of the pictures from being bent and making them look shiny which is widely used in handwork courses.  My son loves putting this clipboard on the sofa and play question and answer.

-Show me where the shoes are?
-(With his index finger pointing) iih ihhh.

-Where is the red car?
-(With his index pointing)  iih ihhh.

Edit: In order to secure the pictures so that they don’t peel off of the board we glued them and used self-adhesive transparent (laminating) sheets. You can find them at stationary stores or you can buy them in rolls from kitchen sections of department stores, where they sell self-adhesive shelf liners.

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