Cardboard toy: Multi-level racing track

I was inspired by a toy I saw in a toy catalog for this race track.


  • 4 23″ diaper carton lids for columns.
  • 5 16″ cardboard piece for tracks. Fold the sides up to make curbs./li>
  • A lot of colored construction paper
  • Glue
  • Toy cars (preferably flat and heavy)


I used the dimensions of the toy in the catalog as a reference: 23″H x 5″W x 21.5″L)

  1. Cover the cardboard pieces with colored construction papers.
  2. Use white correction fluid to mark lanes.
  3. Lay down the 2 columns and place the tracks at an angles (not too flat, not too steep) and mark the places to glue. When you are placing the tracks make sure you have enough space for the car to land on the lower track and does not fly off.
  4. Bring the other 2 columns and mark exactly the same places to be on the opposite side. Make sure the columns are even at the bottom, when the toy is standing.
  5. Glue the tracks on the folded curbs to columns at the marked places. You can secure them with staples as well.
  6. Lay the track on its side and put something relatively heavier and leave it to dry.

The multi-level rice track is ready. You can race small metal cars as well as heavy rubber balls.

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