First words in pictures


This poster of first words in pictures is prepared by our nanny who takes care of my son. We talk in Spanish at home per my request. I get to practice and my son learns Spanish. I am sure you know about the books on first words. Books with large prints, vibrant colors,  pictures accompanied by letters next to them. Ana, our beloved nanny, … [Read more...]

How to soothe a crying baby – Video

Well, our Japanese friends did it again. You fed, burped and changes your baby but (s)he is still crying. All you need is a glass of water to calm her/him down. You take a mouthful of water. Then make a whistling sound similar to birds chirping as if you are sipping it from a straw. Voila! Has your baby stopped crying? My son is 18 months old … [Read more...]

My sons first fleet


This is my son's first fleet of cars, buses, trucks and garbage trucks. He loves garbage trucks. Our unit oversees the alley and he wakes up every day to watch the garbage truck picking up garbage. Unfortunately, the truck comes at 7 am every morning. I wish it came a bit later. Greetings to all moms whose son's are garbage truck fans. … [Read more...]

Cardboard toy: Multi-level racing track


I was inspired by a toy I saw in a toy catalog for this race track. Materials: 4 23" diaper carton lids for columns. 5 16" cardboard piece for tracks. Fold the sides up to make curbs./li> A lot of colored construction paper Glue Toy cars (preferably flat and heavy) Directions: I used the dimensions of the toy in the … [Read more...]

Family album for children


Our nanny, Ana, prepared this special family album for my son. We live far away from our extended family, grandparents, and grandaunts and uncles. The time between visits are long enough for a young kid to forget the new family member (s)he met and spent time only for few weeks. So Ana put together a photo album with family members in it. We … [Read more...]

Parents’ emergency phone list


Prepare multiple copies of this list, one big size for board, refrigerator or by the phone at home and multiple wallet-sizes for parents, grandparents, nannies, other caregivers. List should include: Home phone Mom's cell/work Dad's cell/work Other emergency contacts (family, friends) Pediatricians office Poison Control Center … [Read more...]

Safety: Car safety for babies and children

According to the laws in USA, you must take your new born baby home from the hospital in a car seat. When travelling in a car, make sure you baby sits in the back seat in a car seat and make sure to fasten the seat belt.  Making excuses such as, car being too cluttered with baby seat, that the distance is too short, baby not liking the car seat … [Read more...]

Safety: First Aid and CPR for babies and children


Though we (should) take all precautions in advance, for the safety of our babies and children, we need to be prepared for unexpected emergency situations as well. We need learn first aid (CPR) methods and be able to administer these at the time of emergencies. We should also teach them to whomever is taking care of our babies or kids as well … [Read more...]